Byrontosaurus is here to share the things that make me stand up and shake my fist. Its here to share my passion for fiction and creation. Its here to have a conversation with you.

My name is Byron and I have been creating for all my life, my first love is the creation of story. I am the author of the novel The Union. It is my ambition to live a life of dreams and sharing thought.

“The Union chronicles the fall of society, the hope, help and hate that allows it to happen.”

Currently I am writing my new novel tentatively called Episode 34, it centres on the death of a podcaster and the conspiracy that surrounds it. It is in the very early stages and I am very excited about it. Its like a new romance, you think about it all the time and the smallest things excite you.

Coming soon to Byrontosaurus will be a new podcast call Byrontosuarus Conversations. I will be talking to interesting people about when gets them thinking. The blog might be my thoughts, the podcast will be yours.

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