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It is a fond memory of reading my first “adult” book. It was the start of a journey that has taken me to different lands and into the minds of different people. It made me aware of worlds and often struggles that I would never have seen if not for books.

This passion for consuming also became a passion for creating and sharing. It is with a great deal of pride that I have written my books The Union and Episode 34.

Below is an overview of the Union but really it is a book that aims to look at how we treat the less fortunate and how our prejudices come into play.

Keep up to date with Byrontosaurus as I will be releasing The Union as a audiobook, sent to you as a podcast.

The book was written before the extreme rise of nationalism that is championed but the likes of Donald Trump and those of the far right. I was shocked to see parts of absolute fiction become reality. This book is about sharing the thoughts that occur in my mind. That questions what we are doing and if we should continue as we are.

Please enjoy:

The Union – A Book by Byron Gatt

Roderick Pravo immigrated to the Union on a boat to escape the tyranny of the old world. The Union was a beacon for a better life. What he found was a country perpetuating tyranny all of its own, smarter and with less blood.

Roderick is subjected to a humiliation by his new country and the eradication of his people by Charles Terri. The injustices he fights become embodied in the immigrants around him, the disease making them the fury their histories grew.

Charles Terri is a man of stature, loved by his nation. The great man is a broadcaster with the power to influence the thoughts of his people. This he does with a great pride, daily he goes in front of the camera and addresses the nation.

President Katherine Laurie, his once protege, calls out the Loyalists as terrorists. The indignity is more than he can stomach. He rises up with the full force of his hatred. The hatred born with the death of his daughter, at the hands of the immigrants. He unleashes the virus to take his country back, once social commentator now dictator.

Katherine Laurie is president for all people, the have and have nots. Her fellow countrymen do not share her feelings. They oust her to allow their craven wants to flourish. She goes to work for the UN, to help the immigrants she couldn’t in her homeland. Katherine watches her beloved country crumble from the outside, unable to stop it. Powerless, the person who was once powerful.

These three see the fall of the Union from different but no less terrifying perspectives. Charles Terri wants the Union to be the great country it was. Without the immigrants taking the resources he believes should go to the citizens. He fights the world to perpetuate his atrocities. Under the guise of international war he strikes the immigrants and the world with the virus.

The virus eats at its victim, takes away all that made them human. Making the immigrants the monsters he saw them to be. Roderick fights for his people, to help them. They are overrun by the virus, his hope eaten with it.

Katherine from the outside fights to help, to push the international community. They can only do so much, Charles the mad man has chosen to attack all who doubt him. To make the world in the image he sees it. The darkness that he witnesses becomes the Union. The Union falls to the virus and the hate, so easily manipulated.

The Union has fallen and so has the tyrant Charles Terri. Katherine from the outside helps as best she can, under attack herself. This was her countries failings and she feels a responsibility to help fix it. The deep selfishness she hated in her own country she sees in the world. Helping those who share the same passport, at the detriment to all others.

Roderick watches his people fall, not the Union but the immigrants. He escapes with memories of the horrors and injustices. In a new land that proclaims to welcome him, he sees the glances. It is better than the Union, but he fears it is humanity with which he is oppressed.

The world is changed and will never look as it once did. The countries of the world saw what hatred of the other brought. They trade this for apathy, no less insidious.

Episode 34 – A Book by Byron Gatt

Episode 34 centres on the death of a podcaster and the conspiracy that surrounds it. I have completed it and am editing it as we speak, well while I write and you read. More information to come….


Thank you for reading and taking the time. It is rare that we are able to touch the dreams of others and that is what you have done by reading about my book. It is a dream that I keep searing for just as I do my next favourite book.

To read a bit more about The Union and learn more about the characters that inhabit the world take a took at them here

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