What happened to Our Better Selves

A Thought / Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

It is with a sense of profound sadness that I look on the state of the world. The United States political situation is a part of it but not the totality. The fact that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t condemn Donald Trump is more concerning for me. To stand by and continue with the farce of calling him a friend is more than I can stomach.

As a writer I view the world and take in events, analysing for any hint of similarity. The old adage is true that history repeats itself, because we are in the middle of  history. We are in the middle of a time when millions across the world are in need of help and we turn our backs on them.

Again I do not turn all the spotlight on the US and in fact I am more angry at countries like my own. They need help, and we say no. They are in war-torn places and we say but our quality of life. We have the luxury of worrying about quality, they just worry.

The Australian government has slowly brought our nation into a state of embarrassment. I understand that there are complexities with immigration but one thing remains true, people need help. We don’t protest because unlike the US our politicians have done it one tiny dark step at a time.

Malcolm Turnbull should be ashamed at the way in which he has led the government. He kills his principles daily to ensure he has the support of bigots. A man who I hoped would do something positive, has fallen down the political rabbit hole and will soon be lost to it. History will not be kind to a supposed principled man who lost them for power. He continues to enact policy and stay silent on matters he should stand up to. The far right wants him to fail and even on that he is cooperating.

His silence on the US Muslim ban is embarrassing for Australia on the world stage. I understand that he doesn’t want to comment, but not because of the reasons his given. He doesn’t want to comment for fear of Donald Trump will cancel the deal to take a group of refugees. One which he agreed to and is now clearly having second thoughts about. If he takes them its because of our long relationship. In truth it will be so he has something on us when he needs backing for his abhorrent behaviour.

What would I do? I have thought about that. As Prime Minister what would I do? I would say to Donald Trump that his behaviour and actions are deeply offensive to the Australian spirit. We prosper because people of all nations chose to call Australia home. I would then say that I was withdrawing the refugee deal and we as a nation would give them a home. No one should live under that kind of ruler, especially those who have suffered so much.

To the politicians and public of Australia I would say that I am acting in accordance with what makes Australia. Not what makes us great or any pandering comment. It’s what is the fabric of our country, the core of us. If that means that I lose power than fine, take it from me. I hand it back gladly because doing what is right is more important than doing that which keeps your power. Perhaps that’s why I won’t go into politics.

It is further saddening when I see people of immigrant ancestry call for a “tougher stance”. How do you not welcome them with open arms. How have you forgotten what it has meant for your relations to be welcomed into this country? Someone made the decision to go to a completely foreign country for a better life and you have it. How can you deny anyone that.

Further distressing is that fact that many of you were economic refugees, these people are escaping for their life. How as a people do we say no to them? How could you say to someone who is rightfully in fear for their life that they may not have safety. That your economic situation doesn’t allow for their life to exist.

Our society and culture has become so selfish and narcissistic and the leader of the free world is a reflection of that. Tell me if your family was running from threats on their lives would you not expect help? Would economics be a good enough reason for you to be turned away? I might die but no you should be able to buy a luxury car, thats fair.

If you come from a history of immigrants, which everyone bar the aboriginal people of Australia do. How do you have the right to keep the privilege of safety and happiness to yourself?

As an atheist it seems that I have more of an outrage to this situation than those who profess a belief. It appears that those on the right who say no are also those who profess deep Christian ideals. How can you claim them both?

Christian’s you do understand that the big guy, Mr J sought shelter. That he was forced to be born in a barn because people were assholes and didn’t let him in. It’s the basis of your religion, it sets up the help the needy narrative.

That Mr J helped the sick and needy, the same people you are turning away. Explain to me that one, that you profess to be a sheep to his Shepard but then do exactly the opposite. Oh right you can’t, because it is an abomination on you soul.

Little hint if there is an afterlife and you sit in judgment you’re not going to do so well. In case you are now thinking how do I work out what I should and shouldn’t do…There’s a book. It’s called the bible and you should have a good old read. It’s the same book you wave at people to deny them other rights. Seems that you skipped the bits where you should be a better person for the bits about smiting.

I disagree with abortion look at my bible, I disagree with LGBITQ rights look at my bible. A refugee wants to come here for safety oh um I think I misplaced my bible. Gosh darn it me and my, oh a gay couple here my bible is. You are hypocrites of the worse kind and if there was a God believe me he would smite you.

Also check out the Pope, real nice guys, big boss to most Christians. He has God’s telephone number and I have it on good authority that he’s an iPhone man. He says we should be nice to immigrants too. Seems like he never misplaced his bible, even on the bits where it makes life harder.

History keeps being referenced and it is this simple reason. For most of it we were fighting on the good side. Which side will we be fighting on in 100 years? The truth seems to become clear with age but I really don’t want to wait. Be on the side of good, vote for someone with principles.

I am an immigrant success, my grandparents came to Australia for a better life and they achieved it. Everyday I am thankful for their sacrifice and decision. I am proud to be Australian with every fibre of my being. Thankful for the life I have because of it. The pride is what drives me to want this for other people. When you have something this great you need to share it. Who more deserving than someone in need of life saving help.

If you love your country then you will see its flaws and work to fix them. I feel helpless in this respect but I know one thing, to any person seeking a better life in Australia I say welcome. You’ll get used to the Vegemite, the Pavlova was not invented in New Zealand and Lammington’s should have jam on them. Oh and don’t forget the fairy bread its the best.



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