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There are two reasons that I chose to start writing a blog. The first is to give my wife a break from listening to my rants (check her out at Driven by Beauty, a great resource for your beauty needs). The second is to pursue the dream of becoming a professional writer.

It is a far-fetched and almost impossible dream but I can’t let it go. I love to create stories, explore elements of life I myself can not understand. Writing a horrible character allows me  into their head, which is in mine, but let’s not dig to deep.

The story I have created is one that I see played out everyday. I understand it more for exploring it, but the realisation has only added to my despair. There is also the good that it throws up, I think that is what I understand least.

This is a summary of the book, I’ll provide some excerpts in future in hope that I can say I was an internet miracle.

The Union is one story told through three people. It is a story of Hope, Help and Hate. It is the hope of an immigrant population, attacked time and time again. Denying them the life that should be a basic right to all. This story tells of the Help of good people, fighting the fear that controls and poisons a society. From that fear rises hate, manifested in a virus that takes all it means to be human, and destroys a country so lost. 

Roderick Pravo is the agent of hope. An immigrant who comes to the Union with the hope we all have; a better life. He fights to uphold the ideals he sees degraded in his home land. This hope is strong even when the rhetoric of hate hangs firmly in the air. It is strong even though he is viewed as less in a land that shouts equality. He and his people are attacked by the virus of hate, their humanity is stripped bare.

Katherine Laurie is the help of good people. In her time as President she moves to make their lives better but is moved further from her position by a hostile political environment. When she is ousted as President she works with the UN to be a champion of immigrant rights. She will always have her country on her back as it escalates further to a fascist ideology of us versus the world. She watches her country implode from the outside, becoming a traitor to her country in an attempt to save its soul. 

Charles Terri is hate in the guise of patriotism. He hates the immigrants for taking resources from his people. He has allowed his warped sense of reality to infect his country. The virus is of his doing, it destruction is his planning and its consequence is his terror. A man who is proud of his country and all it means hordes this and attacks the weak.

The Union is a story about a country, and tells the story of its people. They evolve from a caring people who open their arms and close them through the journey. Charles Terri pushes Katherine Laurie out of the Presidency and begins work to weaponise a terrible disease that is meant to kill its victim. Roderick under the pressure of powerful people tries to save the life of his people. 

The virus overruns the immigrant population, taking the country and bringing it to an end. A complicated relationship with the rest of the world allows this implosion. 

The Union is a story about the strength of hate and hope, in a world where both are coveted. The Union is a story of good people lost. The Union is a story we see through history. The Union is our story to stop.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back ranting before to long.


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