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Big 3: Anti-Vaxxers are idiots

The Anti-Vaxxer community is one that has caused and surrounds itself with a lot of controversy. This is because they are crazy people with an inability to comprehend scientific reasoning or in fact reasoning of any type.

This rant is not two things; it is not an attempt to convert these people to reason. They do not hold reason as an important part of their lives and I don’t think my writing will start this. The only time they seems to say oh we might have been wrong is when one of their kids nearly dies, even then it’s not a certainty. The anti-vaxxer community is cult like and their break with reality so strong, I’m not even going to try.

This post is also not a scientific paper, because the science is clear that vaccines saves lives. Arguing the scientific point gives these people a belief that theirs is an argument to be had. It isn’t.

This rant is about pointing out the stupidity of these people. Their irrationality and the sheer ridiculousness that surrounds them. If you are an anti-vaxxer you are an idiot. The sane among us need to stop sugar coating this fact, they do not deserve an equal say, they are idiots.

Anti-vaxxers are children who don’t like being told what to do and are chucking a tantrum. This is not unusual but it is dangerous. The risk to their children who have no say, or those who they put at risk is unacceptable. Is it not too much to ask that we say “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” Spock.

My rants seem to revolve around three’s so I don’t see why I should stop that now. These are the three things that annoy me most about anti-vaxxers:

1. Their misuse of science and statistics.


The problem is that their whole movement is based on shoddy science. While I said that this would not be a scientific paper by any means, it will defend science. They have based their position on a very small list of scientific papers, most of which have been thrown out by the scientific community. They ignore the mounds of papers that are in opposition of their point. Think about that for a moment. Now I do not advocate for a majority wins argument, what I do advocate for is the best evidence wins. I do not want these morons on a jury that’s for sure.

The biggest piece of evidence is that we have eradicated many illnesses that killed people until suspiciously we introduced vaccines. Is that the science community in the pockets of “big pharma”? I have not heard a good reason for this from the anti-vaxxers. They just fall back on this conspiracy for which there is no evidence.

2. They listen to celebrities over scientists.


You have an issue with the idea that scientists are getting rich off of Big Pharma but you are OK with a celeb making money off your stupidity. These people have no training and no better knowledge than you. Why on earth would you listen to them as some sort of expert? They are only known because they took their clothes off or are funny on screen. They are qualified as playboy models and actors, not health care professionals.

Listening to a celebrity over an expert is mad. Who would you listen too, a person dedicating their life to study or a person who whores themselves out to get their face on screen. I wouldn’t mind if we were debating competing scientific theory but your arguing a scientist against a jester.

For the last time scientists are not in the pockets of big pharma you idiots.

3. Mommy doctors.


Using the phrase “as a mother” to justify your stupid thoughts doesn’t make you smarter, it makes you an idiot with a kid. I want to let everyone know one secret, mothers are just people who had sex. I say mothers because the vast majority are women, because no matter how you cut it woman are the primary care giver.

For the majority of mothers they just had sex and that is the qualifying aspect of parenting. There was no test or required level of study to have a kid. When you say “as a mother” that should not add weight to your argument.

It is great that you love your child but could you try not to increase the likelihood that they will die. I know that these people have the best of intentions. This does not make you qualified, it certainly doesn’t make you more knowledgeable than trained people. The truth of the matter is that you are doing more harm by trying to do good.

The only reason you can make these ridiculous claims is because immunisation has stopped the high child death rates. Without immunisation and better health care you wouldn’t be able to say “as a mother” because your kid would most likely be dead. The success of our increased scientific knowledge somehow proves to you its a failure.

The anti-vaxxer movement is dangerous for many reasons. They are completely illogical, one of the most worrying elements is the idea that death is better than having an autistic child. Even if vaccines caused autism (they don’t you idiots), more people would die without vaccines than would have autism with vaccines. By this logic you would prefer the death of your child over a child with autism. Autism is something that many successful people live with, it is not a justification for a ridiculous argument. The people I know who sit on the spectrum are great people, people who I have a great deal of respect for. Using autism as your argument is insulting to them and their families.

If you are an anti-vaxxer you are an idiot, if you’re not please stop arguing with them. You justify their argument buy engaging with it. By giving them a say you make them beleive they have something to say.


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