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Big 3: My Favourite Christmas Carol

People would not describe me as being a jolly fellow. With that in mind it may come as quite a surprise to some that whilst most of Christmas annoys me, there is one part I love.

Christmas carols hold something inside them that even a Grinch like myself can appreciate. I find myself humming or singing them as Christmas approaches, something that makes my dog very happy. She maybe be the only fan of my singing.

Chief of among all Christmas carols is Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. In Australia we have no White Christmases which makes it no place for sleighs.

There are a few important reasons that I love this Christmas carol but before we jump in let’s take a listen and refresh ourselves with the adventures of a little reindeer named Rudolph.

Rudolf is down in history, when you think of a reindeer I bet his name comes the quickest. There are many reasons that I love good old Rudolf but there are three principal reason. Here is the big 3:

1. My Red Nose


I identify with a mutant luminescent reindeer: this would be my introduction to group therapy. It is common, that with which we connect is often a mirror to yourself.

As a kid I was not what you would call popular. I was quiet and often was excluded from reindeer games. I didn’t have a red nose but I did have big ears that took me years to grow into.

It was comforting to come into Christmas, regardless of being laughed at or called names, to hear Rudolf made me smile. It’s funny as a kid you don’t even need to be the same species to feel a connection to a fictional character

Every time I hear about Rudolf I smile and feel comfort in the success of that disfigured freak.

2. Success Comes from What Makes You Unique


In a society of perfect skin, trim bodies and airbrushed faces who would think an ordinary reindeer with a serious case of rosacea would be the hero? That is the point though, it was his uniqueness that made him special. He was laughed at and ridiculed but Santa saw the value in him.

When I’m having a bad time, that my non conformance to an egocentric extraverted world feels to be my undoing. I think of Rudolf and it puts it all in perceptive. I keep my head up and work hard, Santa will see the value in my red nose as well.

3. This is Not a Tail of Rampaging Revenge


This is the reason I think everyone needs to sing Rudolf the most. Even after the poor treatment of the other reindeer, Rudolf becomes a leader in the truest sense. He guides the sleigh but also stands up and guides his new friends.

With the favour of Santa, he could have used this to the detriment of the other reindeer. He has the ear of the big cheese, think how satisfying it would be to make those Reindeer pay but he doesn’t

Success comes from being your best person. Becoming that which you hate does nothing but make your success hollow. Teaching others by example actually changes something. Rudolf stood up and took a stance, no matter the treatment he received he would only show the example he wanted to see.

Imagine if we had more Rudolf’s, in politics, sports or even in our home lives. Lead by example regardless of the names the followers call you. Rudolf changed the reindeer culture not just for himself but for all the other freaks that would follow.

Santa saw something in Rudolf, and the message makes me smile when I hear the song. This Christmas be Rudolf, be the change you want in others. Look for that person with the big red nose and let them know how important they are. Ensure you let them play in your reindeer games.

Remember sometimes people don’t realise they need a big red nose to illuminate the path.


Merry Christmas and happy holidays,


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