Donald Trump: I’m Kylie Throwing Mad

Politics, Rant / Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Patriotism for me has nothing to do with irrational belief if the superiority of your country. You wont find me on Australia Day fuelled on Jim Beam wearing the Australian flag like a cloak and being bogan man. Nor will you find me wearing Australian flag attire that is made in Chine, while I hurl abuse at foreigners. Australia Day for me in the most part lost it’s purpose when it became a way for bigots to behave poorly under the guise of patriotism.

That said, the comments from US president Donald Trump got my green and gold blood boiling. His behaviour is not unexpected and in fact right in character but it was about my country. The one that has given me a life that no other could. It was as if he had insult a friend or family member.

It has made me so angry that I wanted to throw a Kylie at him (a boomerang that doesn’t come back. Does that mean Danni does?). What made me angrier is the Prime Minister’s silence and refusal to say that the rhetoric shown is unacceptable, it betrays our friendship.
I don’t expect him to go all Trump and insult him back. It is shocking to me that he would roll over and take it. It is sad that I have seen more rebukes from US celebs than I have from our Prime Minister.

Trump’s insistence that we are taking advantage of the US is pathetic, and his misuse of the true fact pathetic. He has positioned it in their media as if we are sending over criminals. I will be surprised if the deal happens, he is setting up to refuse passed on security concerns. The same reason he instituted the Muslim ban.

It’s not all bad there is a ray of hope:

Go on Trump you know you’d rather be back on TV. Arnie would be an amazing president. He shows the immigrants really do make any society better.


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