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My Philosophy: Be Like the Bunny

The blog has been a tad heavy over the last little while what with all the talk of robots taking over and the end of the world. I thought it would be good to take a look at the lighter and brighter side of life. If you follow my Instagram you know Lily (Chihuahua) and Button (Rabbit) well. If not you can see their antics on Instagram. Today I’d like to talk a little about our bunny Button.

My wife and I got a rabbit to join our dog in the family. She had wanted one for years, and I’m not one to trample on someones dreams. I thought that a rabbit would be like a hamster or a fish. They kind of just exist in a cage, eat and run around. They would like to be patted but their not really a pet more a captive.

Let me tell you I was incredibly wrong. Button or as I call her Butt Butt or La Butts is a proper pet. She runs up to me with Lily when I get home to greet me. In the morning she comes up to me for a cuddle and nuzzles under my chin. She loves nothing more than cuddling on the couch.

Perhaps most surprisingly she loves my Chihuahua Lily, and Lily loves her. They chase each other around, Lily after her and sometime La Butts chases Lily. It’s quite a sight to see. She sits at the front door with Lily on guard duty and sees Lily as her protector.

It amazing that something so small and fluffy could have such a personality. She is a free range bunny, at the moment we have bunny proofed the downstairs and we are working on the upstairs, then she’ll have free reign over the whole house.

Spending time watching and interacting with her has given me a different perspective on life. With that I’d like to add to my philosophical doctrine with Be Like the Bunny.

1. Find a Comfy Place

bunny cuddle in

There are two different comfy places that Button searches out for. The first is a nice quiet spot on her own and the other is tucked in with my wife or me. There is an instinctive need for protection in this search but also a need to let her ears down and relax. She’s a mini lop and when she is fully relaxed her ears drop to the side of her head.

When she is on her own she loves to find a place to tuck away and relax. Getting some sleep to recharge from the hectic nature of life. This is something that we all need but often ignore. That quiet time alone when we can be alone with our thoughts and relax.

I don’t mean in front of the TV, or on the phone in bed. It’s those times when you are under the covers alone with your thoughts. This recharging allows for introspection which I think in our current culture we have all but forgotten. Tucking yourself away somewhere, on your own gives you a chance to think unimpeded.

We all have busy lives, cramming more and more into every moment. I know I am guilty of this, I find it hard to switch off. Every now and then I like to just lay in bed and let my thought swirl, relax into the ideas that are banging around. Like Button this allows me to relax and not just for that moment, a comfy quiet place gives me energy and capacity to take whatever life throws at me.

The second kind of comfy place Button searches out for is with someone else. Wether that be beside Lily, my wife or me. In those moments she loves nothing more than to groom the other. It is about connecting herself to the family and that person. She relaxes by the act of being close to her family.

This I think is the best kind of comfort. To take time to be next to those you love. Not doing an activity or being busy. Letting the quiet come over you and grooming the other. We are not so far removed from animals and we are enriched by the bonding of grooming.

We are often passing each other, the people we love most. Going off to activities that are important but sometime surpass that needed family time. If you take one thing from the article be it this: take time to sit with you family. In quiet and comfort and groom each other. I promise it will bring you together and lower you blood pressure.

2. Be Inquisitive

Watch dog and rabbit

This is the rabbits great power and at times annoyance. I mention before that we have bunny proofed the downstairs and are working on upstairs. This is because she can work out how to get to that spot you block off. The simple act of blocking it off makes it irresistible.  Button can get behind, on top of or through anything if she has the motivation.

There is a positive in this, her inquisitive nature allows her to discover and be entertained by so much. She is deeply inquisitive about Lily, and will follow and watch her. She has learned to play chase and will bound into the room straight for Lily and they will run around taking it in turns to chase each other. She also has learned to lay like a dog, and will copy Lily in this.

Her inquisitive nature also allows her to discover to new things that bring her joy, a new toy or food. I think this is where we could all take a leaf, that she would probably chew to be honest. To discover for the sake of knowing something new.

We live in an age that is not short of information. At the touch of a button/screen we have access to worlds beyond our wildest imagination. Take time out to discover something new for the sake of discovery. You may even find something that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Discovering new things and people will make you happier, this is my firm belief. The people who I have met through being inquisitive have enriched my life greatly. I understand people’s lives that I didn’t know existed before. It has made me appreciate different people from different cultures. Imagine what the world would be like if we took the time to be inquisitive. That the person in the headscarf, turban or cassock could tell you a story and introduce you to another world. That there is no real difference but different perspectives.

Like Button the one thing that being inquisitive has done for me is bring me food. One of the greatest joys in life is discovering a new type of food. A taste that is familiar but so different. There is nothing more exiting.

Through food again I think you understand other people but more than that you get joy. You can find something that will become irreplaceable in your life.

Being inquisitive sometimes falls by the wayside because we are busy with just the things we already know. I think it is so important to make time for it, even just an afternoon once in a while. Allow yourself to be amazed and learn someone else’s story.

3. Jump for Joy

Bunny jump for joy
Haven’t got Button on camera yet.

In rabbit circles when a rabbit for no reason jumps up into the air it’s called a binky. It is literally a jump for joy. At no time in particular and with no warning Button will jump into the air. The best times are when she is playing with Lily because it freaks Lily out. This idea of letting your joy take you completely is captivating.

This is Button’s way of letting us know that she is happy and sharing it with us. Is there anything more kind that someone can do? I think we need to do this more often. Taking the time to allow joy to infect every cell and share it with the people we love.

Now you don’t need to start randomly jumping in the air but smile with abandon. Laugh to the point of tears and indulge the joy from that morsel which is the greatest taste ever to hit your tongue.

One place that I get the feeling is at concerts, when seeing a band I love there is something that comes over me. I think it’s joy and in those instances I do jump for joy, and yell in unison with thousands of other people.

The times that I have the best sense of joy I don’t want to move at all. It’s when I’m on the couch with my wife, Lily and Button. There is no greater joy for me than that.

We as a species have forgotten how to be as nature intended. Often we position nature as vicious and point to prey predator nature. While this is true there is also the sense that nature has given us many gifts.

The animals haven’t forgotten that part which is joy and happiness. They don’t over think happiness, for them it is to be together grooming.

Humans want to spend more, achieve more and at times this is at the expense of grooming the ones you love. This weekend take some time to be like the bunny. Find somewhere comfy to be alone with your thoughts or the person who comforts you. Find something new; be it a person, food, song or experience. Allow something new to come into your life. Lastly jump for joy, celebrate that which makes you happy. Allow yourself to be encapsulated by joy for no other reason but joy itself.

If you enjoyed the philosophy of the bunny perhaps you would enjoy the philosophy of Being Like the Dog, there are lots of pictures of Lily in there as well.



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