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On Same Sex Marriage

Same sex marriage is once again the battleground for politics. The weak willed and career focussed show themselves in these moments. It opens the curtains to the moral ineptitude that is the modern politician. Choosing to bend their beliefs and those of their electorate to ensure they have a job. This is not unusual to the politician but most consequential. The postal plebiscite is something that will cause harm, is unnecessary and is a way for politicians to save face with the most far right constituents.

There will be damaging consequences that could be avoided if the politicians did their jobs. In the mean time we need to support those who will be affected, the members of the LGBTI community. We need to make sure they know the majority stand by them. They are our friends and family who add greatly. Someone’s sexuality does not matter to those who care for each other. Our attention needs to go to those who want to spread misinformation and hurt and tell them they are wrong.

To better have this conversation I think we need to understand the reasons why people disagree with it. Not what they say, like it’ll harm the idea of marriage, as the walk down the isle to their third marriage. We should discuss the issue at its source. I am confident that in time we will not have straight or same-sex marriage, we will have marriage!

Here are the Big 3:

1. Religion is not law…anymore!


The biggest group to disagree are the religious. This is a simple answer, we do not make laws based on your chosen religious book. We used to make laws back in the day on the word of God. It was all we had but our societies have evolved and acknowledged that men 2000 years ago may have missed a few things.

Do not steal is a good law, what about digital piracy. Technically I am copying the original not stealing, like Jesus I am multiplying. Are you going to eradicate copyright law? No, because they did think about the internet or Kangaroos. There are none of our marsupial friends in the bible, almost like they only included the animals they could see.

From this you can probably guess I’m not a religious man. With that in mind I acknowledge I should not be making laws impeding on your religious freedom. If it was up to me you’d be teaching science, no more God made humans. You’d have a biologist in every other week to give you the truth.

You see religion should not dictate the law, as much as the law should not dictate your religion. The two are exclusive, law and religion. If your reasoning is that your religion states marriage is between a man and women, then speak about it at church. If you wish this to be law then the reverse should be true. The law should be able to have a dialogue with your pesky “beliefs”.

The religious argument is also taken from the moral high ground. This is the word of God, it is what is right, right? Well I’m sorry but fuck right off. You don’t systematically abuse children and then cover it up and go on about what is best for society. If you were concerned with what this did to children you wouldn’t protect pedophile priests.

A loving gay couple married with children, how disgusting. A priest abusing children, just send him onto another church. No need to mention it or the damage he did. Where morals are concerned, your religious is probably not best placed to comment.

If you say same-sex marriage is not right because of your religion, tell you priest in confession. That’s the place your religion should influence. In civic society it has no place.

2. It’s all about the genitals.


People have an obsession with genitals, this is a human truth. Wether it be trying to see them or trying to censor people from seeing them. They shouldn’t be that powerful a piece of the human anatomy, but they are connected to sex and sex drive us. Evolution and all.

This is the problem that anti-SSM people have. They don’t like the fact that two people with the same genitals can marry. Now think about the absurdity, that genitals would inform so much of your world view. That you think so much about them is strange. At times I believe they think about genitals like Lego. Two of the sticky out bits can’t be together, THAT’S CRAZY.

Where love comes into it I find genital obsession hard to understand. Marriage is a way to show society you love a person, more than anyone else and only them (except the polygamists, a topic for another day). How do genitals play into this thought. If I say I love someone, it is not a proclamation of my love for their genitals.

I don’t know about you but when I look into my wife eyes, I’m not thinking to myself “God I love your genitals”. I love the person she is. The person inside her head who does so much good and shows so much love to those around her.

The sex of your partner might be who you are attracted to but it should not be why you love them. I would like to think that if my wife was a man, and had her soul I would love him. Love is not functional and when I hear that SSM is wrong, I hear it’s not how I understand genitals. You my friend keep your genital obsession to yourself, we will share the love.

3. The right thing to do.


The two top reasons are why I see people objecting and why they are wrong. This topic is an affirmative I think we need to argue.

It is the right thing to do, allowing SSM is the right thing to do.

This isn’t just because we know someone who is LGBTI or perhaps we love someone who is. Not because they are a separate group we should support. It is the right thing to do because they are us. They are just like you, they love just like you. They are telling us that they are hurting, they feel like they are worth less than us. How can you sit by and be ok with that.

There is enough evidence to show societies attitudes affect the LGBTI community in a fundamental way. Don’t stand by and let this continue. We need more compassion and understanding not less. These people are Australian’s like you, no different. This is the right thing to do, enough posturing, do what is right. Not because you support the LGBTI community but because you support your fellow Australian.

SSM is something I don’t want to hear about anymore. The arguments against are absurd, you shouldn’t be allowed to do something because I wouldn’t. Or the magical person in the sky says you shouldn’t.

The Australia that I want to live in and the one I hope we are, is compassionate. It is fair and it stands up for what is right. This is right, this needs to be done to show that we listen to everyone no matter how big or small.

To those who read this and support SSM have your say. Register to vote and make sure when you get the survey you fill it out and send it straight back. There is a reason why our conservative government is choosing to do a postal vote instead of listen to every poll, listening to what they know the people want. They believe we will be too apathetic to vote. They think only the people who support them will respond. If you believe in equality of any form you will make your voice heard. Don’t allow their cynical motivations taint what is right.

Before you click off and go, making sure you are eligible to vote and your details are correct there is one more thing we can do. We need to support our LGBTI community as best we can. A friend, family member or a stranger, it doesn’t matter. There is going to be hurtful things said by the no’s, this will affect people. Make sure we stand by them, make sure they know they have our support.



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