Our Social Degradation: Where Do We Go?

A Thought / Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

Over the past year I have been paying a lot more attention to the world around me. To politics, business leaders and those who influence in general. This should have given me more confidence in the world and a hope for the future. It has done neither. It has though given me a deep fear for the future of society.

The world state of affairs is in a damaged state. The things that the population focusses on as a whole allows some of the greatest tragedies to happen. It begs the question what happened to the adults. The people who were the example to which we aspired. Where are the people who would guide our societies in the right direction.

There are so few of these people, that the self-serving majority overruns them with little effort. That appears to be the central problem, the self-serving have somehow taken control. We have been sold this myth that everyone is out there for themselves. That’s what we should expect, more than that we should be suspicious of those who aren’t pathetically self-serving.

This is a strange thing, for all our follies the human race is a group activity. Those proclaiming that ultra capitalism and the idea that the self is most important do so for their gain. Somehow they have convince those who don’t benefit that they will at some point in the future. A future that has not thus far eventuated. It has been a particularly crafty trick, because in reality they have enriched themselves.

They have sold the idea that those who are rich, are so for a reason. The same theory that gave us monarchs. You should give them the money because they know what they are doing. This is an absolute fallacy, look at our titans of business, most are struggling with the ever present force that is change. The constant conversations going on in the public sphere have shown a class of business leaders who are concerned with enriching themselves not providing a service for their customers. The idea of social enrichment is a marketing idea, and we have been told to be thankful.

There are exceptions to this, Elon Musk is an example of a purpose driven business person. He could maximise profits but chooses to continue to push innovation. It has to be said he does make a considerable amount of money though.

The idea that the rich are enriching themselves further is crass. When they have amounts scurried away never to see the light of trickle down economics. Then complain that they are entitled to more, because will be socially beneficial. They are self-serving and again we have accepted this as normal. It is normal that someone worth hundreds of millions should get a tax break. Or a multi billion dollar company should get a tax break. This is a fallacy in logic and existing proof.

The thought is that by giving them more they will distribute this back into the system. This will not work, trickle down economics has never worked. It allows the rich to be richer. There is a short cut, don’t give them a tax break and use that money in the social system. That way we will be sure to see it somewhere besides adding to a bank account stuffed enough.

This ineptitude of our leaders to recognise this and to lean to faulty logic has made me throw my arms into the air on more than one occasion. A more cynical man might reference more nefarious intentions. Then I think who are we to complain? This self obsession is shown by the rest of society as well. People are walking around convinced of their own brilliance. How often do you experience someone acting in a self-serving method. That the conversation is a means to their end.

It is as if our social discourse has slid so far that the expectation of a joint purpose has escaped us. Look to twitter as an example, the jostling for prime tweet is sickening. Social media is about people finding followers not having conversations. People follow for the follow back only to unfriend because they got what they wanted. Your attention on them. Not a mutual conversation, a one way megaphone.

We act in such selfish ways, and every step forward is a movement away from true engagement. The idea is not to share, it is to own, your attention or resources. It is unfair to attack those with more for being self-serving, when those with less are no better. In fact they are worse because they do so even at their own peril.

There seems a sickening to the society that has infected all parts. I don’t know if there is a resolution or way to our better society. Our politicians seem so inept at their jobs, and the voters even more so. How are we to maintain and improve social standards when the social fabric is sullied. Every time we elect a Hanson we do so at societies peril. Not just due to their politics but also due to the fact that they are horrible unqualified. Their life surrounds a self interested path dressed up as nationalism.

The biggest hit to the idea of this social degradation is the election of the most unqualified leader of a nation. You know who I mean, Donald Trump. I remember watching him on the Apprentice and turning it off. Why? Because I could see that he was a narcissist that attention would only embolden. I was right, but I never that he would be President, I had too much misguided confidence in the US.

What he did was usher in a wave of stupidity across the world. He created such a toxic environment that those self-serving saw it and knew they could capitalise. They imposed themselves amongst him and with those who agree with him around the world. They have darkened so much discourse with a lack of truth that millions now live in another reality entirely.

There is hope with the French people rejecting their Trump but that was not an end to the war on common sense. The thing that strikes me so greatly is that huge parts of the public will swallow lies and argue them as truth. What happened to our responsibility to question, has it always been missing?

I have seen people, in the US and here in Australia, argue for an absolute fallacy. They wrangle the argument to appear to be coherent but it takes little to realise its faults. How have we come to this point of self-delusion and self-destruction. We our degrading our social environment and I for one would like to be moving forward and not back.

We have wrapped ourselves in a great self-delusion that we need to untangle. It is something that I feel strongly for but don’t see or understand the way forward. It is a dark time in our history, I hold hope that something will happen but also fear that it won’t. We need an example to look up to, I hope they aren’t far away.





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