Politics Makes Me Angry

Politics / Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Over the last few blogs I have been delving into politics and it has made me really angry. While anger can be motivating it does take more effort than should be necessary. Politics seems to be in a very poor position. This isn’t new and will pass, get better and get worse.

It is at odds with the philosophical theory that makes the most sense to me. The Stoic ideas of philosophy, worry about what you can control is in opposition with what I have been writing about.

While I was sitting down to a biscuit and cheese flavoured product it came to me. These things often do when I’m eating cheese but not usually fake cheese. Politics is making me angry and I can’t control politics.


It is also making me write because of anger and stopping me from getting the relief that so often comes with writing. I don’t like it and I have decided to make a change.

No more politics, sure I will still keep abreast of it but I’ll allow other people to write about it. I have come across some great blogs that I’ll keep reading but I’m taking back writing from Politics.

Those who follow this blog, there aren’t a lot but I appreciate every one of you, what can you expect?  The blog moving forward will be focused on the two things I love writing: fiction and philosophy. I may also put up a post or two about my motorbike, a thing of beauty.

Stick around and if you come across this post go ahead and follow.

To a less annoyed me.


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