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A Thought, Politics / Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

I have been trying to stay away from the episode of Q&A where Yassmin Abdel-Magied and Senator Jacqui Lambie have it out over Islam and Sharia Law. It’s not just because I despise Jacqui Lambie and her fear mongering, It’s because Ms Abdel-Magied proclaimed that Islam is the most feminist religion.

To be clear this is not an anti-Islam post. Any person saying that (inserting any religion) is the most feminist would annoy me. To say that your religion is the most feminist is like being the most honest used car salesman. It can be true but it doesn’t make you an honest person.

It is no secret that religions the world over have been cruel to females throughout history.  They are either whores or servants in mythology. Through history religion has allowed people to do horrendous things to women in the name of a god. To this day women do not hold as high a place as men in any mainstream religion.

Being the most feminist religion is absurd, it is in conflict with itself, and an oxymoron. My understanding of Feminism is that it is the ideal that women and men are equal. The big religions do not espouse this. Feminism isn’t a gradient, you either are or not. You either view women as equal or you don’t. There isn’t a sliding scale.

It is a shame that Ms Abdel-Magied should have said this and abandon her critical thinking. There are many reasons why Jacqui Lambie’s views are idiotic. Chief among those is that she shouts any idea she has at those close to her. Muslim people do not want to institute Sharia Law, they believe they should abide by the law of the land in which they live. This is something that I have heard from many people who follow Islam.

It’s also absurd that Jacqui Lambie, a catholic, would complain about a religion dictating laws. The bible is where our laws started and evolved from. To ignore the fact that she is the product of a religion imposing its laws is absurd. The fact that she opposes same-sex marriage because of religious reasons but then attacks religious law is laughable. She doesn’t like the idea that someone would put their religious views on her, neither do the gay community.

There are plenty of reasons why Jacqui Lambie’s views are ridiculous, but feminism is not among them. I can’t imagine the struggle of being faithful and a female. I am neither so I doubt I will ever find out. What I can say is that the two oppose each other. The assertion of a feminist religion is absurd.

The great shame is that this has given the racist bigots another reason to get riled up. They don’t care about feminism but they can appreciate an opportunity to attack Islam or any other who are different. It hardens their views that this particular religion brainwashes. That is the key to all religions, they brainwash you into believing a fallacy.

To see religions pitting themselves against each other is surreal. Religion is not real, it has no basis in fact. To see people arguing their religions merits is ridiculous. It’s like saying Santa is a good dieter. We know he’s not but he may be a better dieter than the Easter bunny. Let’s argues which fictional creature is better. A hint it doesn’t matter they’re made up. That is what this argument sounds like to an atheist.

What is more true is that religion is a construct made up by humans to explain what kept them up at night. Santa isn’t real but its easier than believing your parents lied to you.

A religion being more Feminist is laughable, particularly when you look at the mainstream religions. It is a shame to see an intelligent person display their deep cognitive dissonance. It highlights just why religions, not any one, are dangerous. It can keep people in a mindset that pits them against themselves.

It’s important to reiterate that I am not attacking one religion. I believe it is your choice to be faithful as it is mine to highlight your hypocrisy. If you’re a religious feminist I would be interested in how it makes sense to you. To me the only way a feminist could be true to their morals is to abandon the fallacy of religion and the oppression it brings.

It is a shame the Ms Abdel-Magied would position her argument like this because I believe her words are important. The more voices for Islam and minorities we hear the better they are understood in society. Erasing the need for bigots like Jacqui Lambie.

Jacqui Lambie is a moron, anyone that can’t have a conversation without yelling is dim. That there are people to put her in power is unbelievably depressing. I want to be clear that I loathe her existence and views. It is embarrassing to have an Australian politician with her temperament, we should do better.

Be more inclusive and welcome all. People are people regardless if they believe Santa or the Easter Bunny is going to have the best summer body.

Even if you are a religious feminist it is with respect that I put forward my thoughts. To those of Jacqui Lambie’s ilk respect is more real than your imagined hatred for what you don’t know.


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