The Anticipation of a New Bike

My Life / Thursday, December 29th, 2016

I am writing this to chronicle getting back into the world of motorbikes. I want to be able to look back and relive the joys of getting a new bike, and the struggles that come along with that. I haven’t had a bike for a few years now and I have felt the call since I sold my old bike.

I have looked longingly as bikers ride past knowing that it wouldn’t be long before it was me again. Now you might ask why if I loved riding so much did I stop? Life…

Instead of jumping ahead I wanted to first introduce you to my two first bikes.

My best mate and I got out bike licences together, it was something we didn’t really put a lot of thought into. Bikes were cool, we wanted bikes, so we got them. Although not really thought through it was one of the best decision I have made. There is freedom in riding a bike that I have never felt before.

I have wanted a bike for as long as I can remember. I didn’t know anyone that had a bike so it just seemed like a dream. In that dream I knew it had to be a cruiser. They are the epitome of cool, laid back, loud and big. It just seemed like a real motorbike.

My first bike was a Suzuki Intruder, 250cc’s of pure cool. Well it was for me, and it was the most fun. Look at this beast, with my Batman sticker I couldn’t be cooler. I had flame mirrors at one point but took them off when I decided to sell it.

I realise now that perhaps my eagerness may have outpaced taste but I loved it none the less. I felt like I was on a hog as I rode it and I smiled everyday with it.

I also thought I would die a few times. Once when I was riding back from work a horse float hit a pot hole and jumped out of its lane and tapped my foot peg. Any further back or forward it could have been really bad. The bump on the foot pegs made me sway from side to side and that was about it. Well I never could wear those pants again.

There was also the time I came over a bridge in the rain and every time I hit the brakes my rear end came out. Now it does nothing good for your heart to be able to see the rear of your bike whilst still on it. I can’t remember how but I came to a stop at the lights. Again I believe I threw those pants out as well.

There were some bad times as well on that bike, a guy reversing into my bike or someone dropping their bike onto mine. Didn’t leave a note, just a dint on the tank. This bike was a real learning experience, the oh crap moments and the for fuck sake moments. I think it was the perfect starting bike.

I loved that bike and if I could have afforded the upkeep on two bikes I may have always kept it. In my heart I would feel guilty for not riding her and would have searched out a new owner. To this day I still miss her.

When I was able to legally upgrade my bike I did. My 250 did not have enough power so I wanted something that would never leave me lacking. My next bike was the beautiful and ridiculously powerful Suzuki Boulevard M109R. It was stupidly powerful. I mean absolutely off my head, what the fuck was I thinking powerful.

That beast was 1800cc’s of heart pounding awesomeness. I remember the day I rode that home, I had never driven anything with that kind of power. The closest I have come to it was when my wife bought me a drive in a Lamborghini.

The power was so extreme that I remember sneezing once and jumping 20km from the minor jerk of the wrist. It was a joy to ride every day.

It had its struggles, it was heavy and hated turning corners. It was more like a wrestling match to get it to turn. Ok so that was it in the way of struggles, that bike was as close to perfection as possible. It is not a commuter which is why I am not getting another. When I have the money to have a weekend bike she will come back to me I just know it.

I sold her because I couldn’t ride her. My now wife had a car accident that meant she could not drive and her car was totalled. It is amazing that she can now drive and the fact that she is around today made me happy to sell the bike.

I know it is not normal to anthropomorphize vehicles but she looked sad being in the garage. She wanted to be out on the open road and she is now happily riding with a new owner.

Now its been a few years since not having a bike, and a lot has happened. I got married and bought a house. Both of these take a lot of time and money.

Now the that things have calmed down I’m looking at another bike. Getting that freedom back, no more being packed into trains.

It is funny though since I have decided to get another bike the amount of people who have said it’s really dangerous is amusing. I think they forget I had bikes and rode them. I just smile and nod sure I’ll be careful. I enjoy being alive so I will do my best to you know not die.

The bike I have my eye on is the 2007/2008 Suzuki Boulavard M50. Now I love the look of this bike. The 2009 and onwards are ugly which is unfortunate.

Besides the look I wanted something around 800cc, more powerful than a 250 but not underwear destroying powerful like the 1800. The price is also very nice which is a bonus.

Besides missing riding the reason I want this bike is to commute to work and it seems to be the right amount of power and maneuverability.

It’s hard to pass the fact that this is also a really good-looking bike. I mean it is bloody stylish and on the weekends it will be so much fun to ride down the beach or up a curvy road.

I will write an update with the bike I end up buying. I am pretty sure its this one but you never know what catches you eye. I also have lotto tickets for New Year’s Eve, if I win the jackpot I’m going crazy. I will be that guy that you look at and say he must have a small penis, look how much he’s over compensating. I mean I would go crazy.

I am nervous about riding again, as much fun as it is there are terrifying moments. Like when a car driver nearly kills you, or a horse float for that matter. I am nervous that I wont love it as much as I remembered and I really loved it.

Most of all I am excited to be back on a bike.


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