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My name is Byron and I have been making up stories since I can remember. This blog is about my passions and the things that get me thinking or make me mad. It is about the stories that I have made and am trying to share with the world. It is about the stories that the world has made up and has shared with me.

There is no theme to the blog posts, you may get a thought or a review. It is a glimpse into my disorganised and at times erratic mind.

Recently I have completed a book that I am really proud of called The Union. I am looking for a publishing home for it and hopefully will have one soon. Here is the tag line to give you a flavour:

“The Union chronicles the fall of society, the hope, help and hate that allows it to happen.”

Currently I am writing my new novel tentatively call Episode 34, it centres on the death of a podcaster and the conspiracy that surrounds it. It is in the very early stages and I am very excited about it. Its like a new romance, you think about it all the time and the smallest things excite you.

I hope in the future to list my profession as writer, we can all have dreams.

I hope you will enjoy upcoming posts.

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