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Big 3: Which came first, the chicken or the free range egg.

An Argument for Free Range Eggs

I cannot pretend to be an animal saviour, I eat them and enjoy it. My argument is that we should consider the treatment animals we eat or employ to make our food receive.

The argument that I am to put forward is filled with pragmatism and a love for animals. I do care about what happens to animals. Like you it angers me when I see animals being treated badly. In the commercialisation of animals this happens all to often.

There is also a part of me that pushes against groups that say they are for the protection of animals. This is because they do not acknowledge that it is not realistic for a lot of people to do as they would like. The cost of living and making ends meet preclude many from affording free range, organic or a vegetable based diet. There are countless people who have little to eat as it is without subjecting them to a more expensive diet.

These people also anthropomorphize animals, that is attributing human characteristics. They are not human, they do not have the same feelings or needs that we do. This is not to say that they do not deserve to be treated well but the guilt that these people push by anthropomorphizing animals is not helpful to a better future for animals. It make people feel guilty, stop listening and become apathetic.

There is something that we can do. That is to start with one thing and expand from there. I believe if we make a small change in our personal lives then it makes a big difference economically. Buying free range when you can find it and can afford it is one way to build demand. The more people buy it the more they will produce and the lower the price, in the long term. Slowly building the affordability of free range product and better treatment of animals.

Changing something we do regularly, changes something. Buy one product regularly that is free range and make a difference. What  do you start with? I started with free range eggs – I looked at all my options financially and what is available. This is the one thing I believe should be changed the most. Here are my top three reasons to choose free range eggs:

1. Have You Ever Seen a Chicken Laying an Egg

Being male, I do not now and thankfully will never know what it is like to give birth. All I know is, it looks painful and I don’t have the pain threshold. In light of that it astounds me that a chicken essentially gives birth daily, and the eggs aren’t small in comparison. To illustrate my point here is a video of a chicken giving birth, come back and we’ll talk once you have seen it.

First, before we acknowledge just how difficult that looked, did anyone else want to slap the guy when he said she’s not the cleanest bird? She just laid a giant egg, and your worried about her housekeeping?

When I think about the animal most in need of some TLC it is the egg laying chicken without a doubt. The effort it takes, the pain they must feel. They are the animal that deserves to have some time in the sun and not to be crammed.

It is a goal to have my own chickens, let me tell you they will be well treated. For the sheer act alone I think that egg laying chickens deserve to be free ranged.

2. They Go Well With Free Range Bacon


Eggs are probably used second only to milk in the home. They go in baking, they scramble and they are delicious with bacon. They hold our food together and make our deserts rise. They are a workhorse and when deciding what to invest in I say the thing that gives you the most bang for your buck. Wether it is placebo or fact, free range eggs taste and perform better. I have tried free range meats and produce of all varieties but none do I notice a difference more than eggs. (Free range bacon is a close second on this, if you haven’t already try it).

The taste of a free range egg is more intense and for someone who loves a runny, almost raw egg they are the only choice. This reason I know is sheer selfishness, but they taste so good. They look so nice and it makes me feel like I get more value.

Occasionally you get a double yolker and for a pig like me there is no better day.

The next time you sit down for breakfast and you want it to taste that much better, try free range and tell me I’m wrong.

3. The Cost is Not Great


The one reason many of us don’t go completely free range is cost. Whilst people may negate this in their argument for free range, it is a real concern and pressure on most people.

The decision of not going completely free range does come down to how many dollars you have floating around in your wallet. Free range eggs do not come with a substantial price increase, a couple of dollars extra in your weekly shop is hardly going to be noticeable.

The cost to benefit is greatly in favour of the free range egg, for your extra few dollars you get better taste, performance and piece of mind. It makes economic sense to buy better. When looking at those hard-earned dollars and thinking where do I put it you get no better bang for your buck than with a good free ranged egg. Now who isn’t looking for a better bang?

The egg laying chicken is really in need of some TLC. The act of laying an egg alone should convince you of this. If you don’t think it’s that big a deal watch it again and image crapping out a football.

They are better and tastier, and the cost not prohibitive. If you are trying to start somewhere with your free range buying habits I hope to have convinced you that this is the place to start.

Give an old hen a happy day.


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