Write a Book in 30 Days: Day 2

Write a Book In 30 Days / Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Usually I spend my pre-work time to write. If I work from home, I make myself a coffee and get right to it. Well I shower and perform other maintenance tasks, but you get my drift. I get an hours worth of writing. If I ride into work, motorbike not push bike, I get a coffee at work and get 45 mins of writing. To get as much writing as I want don’t I need to find creative ways to find time.

Today though I was running late on my woodworking video. I released a new video today, if you’re so inclined you can check it out here: Newbie Workbench. To get that out there was a few things I needed so I lost the most productive time of the day for me. I work at a big company, managing a team. Now the team is great but my day is always busy and I get brain drain. The morning is great because it’s before my brain turns to mush. If my job was writing this 2000 word challenge would not be a challenge at all. But we can dream for now.

Todays writing:


Words: 876

Music: The Beatles – White Album

To try to get rid of the brain drain I took Lily, my dog, for a walk. This usually clears my head and it relaxing. After a 45 minute walk I feel I have decompressed. The problem today was that my wife was sick.

Lily hates walking without the both of us, about 10 minutes in she starts jumping at me. I pick her up and she cuddles me, I think how cute. Then she pushes me away, nearly jumps out of my arms and then drags me home. She always worries when one of us isn’t around. We got 15 mins walk at most. Now you might ask why don’t I just walk on my own? Well I feel incredibly weird walking without a dog. In my head I feel like people are looking at me like what a creep just randomly walking around.

My brain was still not really going, so I put on The Beatles. I find that The Beatles are really good at soothing the brain. It allows me to be creative and at the same time it settles my sprinting brain.

Post Dinner:

Words: 971

Music: The Beatles – White Album

After dinner I sat down and kept writing. I didn’t hit the 2000 limit but finished the chapter so I’ll call it a partial win. To be honest my brain was coming to a screeching halt. I did watch an episode of Little Britain and being able to just zone out for a bit gave me that final kick.

My idea is that I will end the challenge with +2000 words a day. I am confident I can get there and tomorrow I’ll make up for lost words today.

If you have any ways that you get your brain moving please leave a comment. I could always use the ideas. If you are joining along with the challenge let me know, and let me know what you’re writing about.

My brain is slowly shutting down, I’m going to say bye and cuddle with my dog, my wife is away for the next couple of nights otherwise I’d cuddle her too.

Today: 1847

30 Day Running Average 1935



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