Write a Book in 30 Days: Day 3

Write a Book In 30 Days / Friday, June 16th, 2017

Today started off well, I woke up early to do some writing. It was a struggle because I had a hard time falling asleep but I got out of bed. Took Lily out to the toilet and fed Button her breakfast. Let me tell you when we got her she was a baby and was skin and bones. The people who bred the rabbits did not do a good job. It made me really upset to see this little thing. Now, she’s still pretty little, she is anything but skin and bones. Not fat but has a good life. It make me smile, she runs over in the morning and we have a cuddle and she has breakfast. She is not in a cage, free range bunny, don’t keep your rabbits in a cage it’s not goo.

One thing that gets me motivated is my little family. My wife Jayde, Lily and Button. It’s a nice feeling to know that you have a positive feeling on people’s lives. That these three have happy lives. That keeps me going when I want to pack in the writing because I feel like its going no where.

Todays writing:


Words: 1,030

Music: Metallica – Hardwired…To Self Destruct

I needed some motivation this morning to get me going. Who else but Metallica can get you going in the morning. It’s like a jolt of coffee straight to the brain. In particular the drum beat to now that we’re dead. I find that music is an effective way to manage my mood or mindset, like hacking my brain.

I had my coffee, I made it will chocolate, I think it’s a Macchiato. The Sugar and caffeine was appreciated. I’m looking forward for tomorrow, a Saturday which means a sleep in. Coffee will just be drunk for appreciation.

This morning I started on a chapter I’ve looked forward too. The book works like a normal book chapter after chapter. Interjected in these are chapters titled Episode X. The idea is that it’s a look at the murder victim back in time. It allows a glimpse of where he was in thought, and what the podcast was saying. Building an idea of the victim from more than just a dead person. The suspense can build as you go back in time. They are fun to write and I like the character Tom.

It is hard though to ensure that I don’t either give something away or put something out of sequence. I do some planning for this but it can be confusing at times, building a world is difficult at time.

I got half way through the chapter, and I really like the way its going. I’m look forward to finishing it. Lets see how I go after work, and on a Friday. They are the worst post work days.


Post Dinner:

Words: 1,045

Music: Massive Attack – Heligoland & Mezzanine

Thank go its Friday is all I have to say.

This chapter was harder to finish than it was to start. I knew what I wanted to say to end it but didn’t know how to say it. I felt like I was pulling nails, it was a struggle but it is good to have finished it. I go through these moments when I feel like what I am doing is crap but on looking back it was decent.

It was also difficult because Lily is on edge because my wife is away for the night. Every noise outside makes her jump up and nearly knock the laptop off. Then she relaxes and in a minute book she’s off. On top of that Button wants attention so keeps jumping on me for a pat.

I’m looking forward to a sleep in, hopefully you have one too.

Today: 2075

30 Day Running Average 1982




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