Write a Book in 30 Days: Day 4

Write a Book In 30 Days / Saturday, June 17th, 2017

Today started off slowly and I woke up tiered. That not entirely true but I really wanted to just lounge in front of the TV all day and veg out. My brain goes through an arch over the week. It peaks Tuesday and Wednesday and is in decline the remainder of the week. Working full time takes it out of you, it’s why the book isn’t finished yet. 

This is why I decided to do the challenge. It’s a way to really but some fire under the process. When I’m writing full time you can expect an incredibly boosted output. That’s the dream and to achieve that I need to sacrifice today. This challenge I hope allows this to happen. 

It’s also doesn’t help when you have this wanting to cuddle. 

I’m really curious to hear how you guys feel on this. Am I alone or do you get the brain drain, what are your tactics to overcome it. At times I lay there with the story running in my mind but it not translating to my hands and on the page (virtual of course).

Back to today, I was working on some Woodworking stuff. I was making a crate from pallet-wood today. My afternoon was taken up with filming and making. Which is really fun to do. Here’s a sneak peak. 

In the late afternoon I didn’t think I would meet the challenge today. So I went to my go to for writing.

Todays writing:


Words: 1,599

Music: Queen – Greatest Hits

 I have always loved a bath, and it is quite relaxing. I made a bath caddy that you can see here. It’s the perfect size to put my iPad on and I write. The warm water loosens up the creativity and out comes the writing. 

The chapter I was working on was really interesting and it moved the story along. It connected two pieces that I could quite see before. I would have jumped for joy but I was sitting in water like a hippo. Instead I hi fived my rubber ducks. I have a black cabs duck from my time in London and a spartan duck my sister got for me from Greece. It’s not much of a collection but my bath is small. I have the goal of getting a spa, that way I can sit in there without getting cold. I have ideas of how to be able to write in there, I’ll need to turn the bubbles off I think. 

Post Bath:

Words: 555

Music: Guns ‘n’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction

The downfall of having a bath is it makes you want to sleep. I had some more work to do so I laid down in bed with my iPad and I went to work. I’m so glad I live in this age, I get so much work outside of a normal setting. I try to get a lot done and in doing so I need to get creative with my work load. 

Following on from the chapter written in the bath I have an arch to follow. Tomorrow I’m going to do some more planning to see into the future of the book. I generally plan out the next 4-5 chapters. I put the rough ideas down and then I fill it in as I write. It also helps to go back and look at the plan as to what I have done. It allows me to keep all my lines of thought straight. 

I’m looking forward to tomorrow because the upcoming chapter is interesting and set the tone to go into the top of the story arch. I’m not yet halfway through, but all the pieces are now coming into view. It’s like being on an archeological dig, every writing session shows something new. So really the opposite of an archeological dig. 

Any way get out there and write something. Anything is better than wishing you had. 

Today: 2,154

30 Day Running Average 1,025




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